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The Dunbarton Energy Committee has successfully put warrant articles on the town ballots and then won four grants for energy audits, solar panels and lighting upgrades.
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Welcome to the website of the DEC!

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Welcome to the website of the Dunbarton Energy Committee! We are here as a resource to help the Town of Dunbarton -- and you personally --  to become more energy efficient, save money, and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Please explore our site using the main menu,  the drop-down submenus and the various links embedded in the text. We welcome your comments and suggestions; just click on Contact Us on the toolbar below.

The Mission of the Dunbarton Energy Committee is to encourage and support the practical application of energy efficiency and sustainable energy, in town buildings, equipment and vehicles, and also in individual residences and vehicles, in order to lower our energy costs and reduce our carbon emissions.

Our Committee will:

  • Seek opportunities for cost-effective energy efficiency and sustainable energy applications;
  • Solicit energy-related requests for advice and funding from the Town and residents; and
  • Provide easily accessible, practical, and trustworthy conservation and sustainable energy information and guidance.

We're always open to suggestions - contact us.