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Energy Committee Organizes Warrant Articles, Block Grants

This winter, the Dunbarton Energy Committee organized a petition drive to put warrant articles on the Town and School ballots. The purpose was to commit funds for energy audits of town and school buildings. The audits are a necessary first step in applying for grants to actually remediate various energy problems in the buildings.

The petition was successful, and the warrant articles passed both meetings.

At the same time, the Energy Committee applied for four Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants. Two of the grants duplicated the energy audit funding for the Elementary School ($4900) and the Town Hall/Library and Police/Fire Buildings ($7460); also sought was funding for solar panels on the Elementary School ($9323) and lighting upgrades for the Town Office ($7050),

All four grants were awarded. The money that had been authorized by the Town and School warrant articles will be returned to the town.

The Energy Committee hopes to complete the energy audits in May in time to apply for remediation grants this summer, as well as to quantify energy savings from the school ice-dam project and advise the Library Committee on energy savings measures they may want to incorporate in the Town Hall Project plan.

The Block Grant project has been funded ($3.2 billion) by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA); $12.5 million has been allocated to New Hampshire, and most of that will be awarded by the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) to subgrants proposed by municipalities and counties.

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